The Think Up! Testimonials Plugin


  1. samdani says:

    The demand of testimonial plugin is increasing day by day as this plugin creates the scope to represent the feed back from customer on the products activities . Only a perfect testimonial plugin can assign the testimonial nicely on the site .
    However this is one of the best testimonial plugins hopefully .

  2. Andrew Sepic says:

    Samdani, Thanks for your feedback. It seems like you’ve developed a powerful testimonial plugin yourself. Great work! I’ve plugins like yours in the past, but in most cases I find I want a simpler solution, something that just works, doesn’t add clutter and new post types to the dashboard and is easy to setup, so I came up with this.

    Hopefully others will find it helpful as well.

  3. Cheng Loke says:

    Had download and try on with the testimonial plugin from think up. A great and simple plugin for wordpress theme. It can easily show up the testimonial at the show case page at our website. Hope can get the update to date plugin in store.

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