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Project Details

Rights and freedoms on the internet are important topics today as countries governments and corporations begin to monitor, censor and limit the use of the web around the world. was a volunteer effort between Think Up!  Design and concerned citizens in a response to internet filtering which is currently underway in the UK.  To find out more about the issue please visit The web design was modern, bold and to the point in order to help transmit the importance of the issue.  Implemented and launched on the WordPress platform, the site is completely responsive which allows a great user experience across all devices. A people powered machine, the main site functionality is built to allow visitors to directly contact their local MP with a letter of their concern about the internet filtering program.  Those outside the UK can also use the site and will have their concerns about the program mailed directly in the post to the Prime Minister David Cameron.  Once the visitor has taken action to preserve the rights of web users in the UK, they  then have the chance to spread the word by leveraging the built in social media sharing tools.

WOW! What a great project to be a part of.  Let’s look out for our rights and freedoms on the net together!